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Bounce House Rental Guide

Guide for Bounce House Rental


The purpose of this guide is to inform the customer on what to expect upon delivery for their order. This guide is useful for bounce houses, water slides, interactive’s, obstacle courses or any other type of inflatable that we can provide.


Set up area needs to be within 50 feet of a 20 amp outlet. Depending on the item, the number of power outlets needed may vary, you can find the information on each of the product's description. Please check our website or give us a call at 877-778-8724 to ask about the outlets needed for your rental. Please note that if the electricity at the house is not working, that is not our responsibility but the owners responsibility instead.


Once All Star Jumper Rentals has arrived to your house, the driver will ask you where you want the set up to be. The following will go as is:


The driver will walk to the area where the item will be placed. On his way to the location, if the driver notices any complications such as: trash cans, stairs, uneven pavement, etc.. then the driver will notify the person in charge of the house or give the office a call. The driver needs the space required to fit anywhere he needs to go with his dolly and the bounce house item.


Once the driver is able to get to the location needed he will then ask about the power outlets. Once the power outlets are found and have been tested he will ask what way you want the entrance of the inflatable facing. After all the details are figured the driver will start setting up the bounce house.


First, the driver will unroll the bounce house in the designated area that was provided by the customer. Then the driver will attach the required blower which connects to the inflatable air intake tube. Once the blower is connected, the driver will go around the bouncer to check if all the deflatable zippers are closed. After all of this process is done, the driver will finally turn on the blower and the bouncer will begin to inflate.


Now that the bounce house is inflated the driver will go around the bouncer to inspect the item. Once the item has been inspected by the driver, he will stake down the item by 2, 3 or 4 corners. If the item is on concrete or indoors, we will provide sandbags instead of stakes. After the item has been staked down, the driver will wipe down the bounce house if needed to.


Finally the set up is complete and all safety requirements have been met to the standards of All Star Jumper Rentals, LLC.


Now the driver will make you sign the rental agreement and collect payment for your order.


We appreciate you reading through our Guide for Bounce House Rental and we hope this guide makes your rental simple & easy with All Star Jumper Rentals, LLC.


All Star Jumper Rentals, LLC

117 North Standard Avenue Suite A

Santa Ana, CA 92701


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I just wanted to let you guys know what a great job you ALL did for us this past Sunday at Melinda Park!!! We rented the Spiderman, great hit with kids. Great bonce house, and your employees VERY kind, helpful and professional... We THANK YOU !!! and will use your services again !!! and tell others !!! Katherine Coronel
Katherine Coronel
(San Clemente)

Thanks for great jumper and service everyone loved it

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