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Rock Climbing Wall FAQ

Rock Climbing Wall FAQ


Q: How high can I climb up the Rock wall?

A: Climbers can reach up to 25ft high!


Q: How many climbers can go at a single time on rock wall?

A: For the Rock Wall 3 climbers can go at a time.


Q: What is the weight limit to go on the Rock Wall?

A: The weight limit is 45 lbs minimum and 250 lbs maximum to use the Rock Wall


Q: What do climbers have to wear to use the Rock Wall?

A: Climbers will be provided a harness for their safety.


Q: Do climbers need to wear shoes?

A: Yes, closed toed shoes need to be worn by the climber.


Q: Will the Rock Wall fit in my house?

A: Most likely not. The Rock Wall is a trailer mounted equipment that is about 8 ft wide and will need direct access to the position where the customer wants the wall. If you are planning to have it in your backyard the inflatable climbing wall is a good option.


Q: How many operators will be needed for the Rock Wall?

A: Two operators.


Q: Can I provide my own operators or will you provide your own operators for the Rock Wall?

A: The operators need to provided by us, as they are trained to operate the Rock Wall.


Q: If the actual Rock Wall does not fit at my house do I have another option?

A: Yes, we have an inflatable rock climbing wall that fits in backyards and front yards!





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Thanks for great jumper and service everyone loved it


I just wanted to extend a HUGE thank you to Daniela, Juan, and Bruno for working with us to get all the paperwork turned in on time so that we can have the bounce houses at Solar Decathlon this year. I am so grateful for your help and the quick service that your team delivered. I really liked that there was always constant communication and quick responses to my emails and phone calls.
Also, the bounce house delivery was always on time, the attendants were so nice and helpful, and pick-up was on time and fast as well. I can’t thank you enough for the amazing work that everyone at All Star did. I am definitely going to give you guys 5 stars on Yelp!

Thank you once again and please let me know once you receive payment.

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Christine Luong

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